Main Features

TSteel 3D is in constant development, prioritized by the needs and demands of our users. Here are some features that make TSteel 3D a complete and affordable software for all companies’ types and sizes in the steel industry.


In addition to offering an affordable license, TSteel 3D runs on a powerful graphics platform, allowing it to handle heavy models with ease, reducing hardware investment.

BIM Compatible

TSteel 3D is Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) compliant, making it a competitive player in the BIM market.


TSteel 3D has an API that allows users and third-party developers to implement their macros and improvements using C#.


TSteel 3D has bidirectional interoperability with other leading applications allowing collaborative work and information sharing.


Its intuitive interface makes the learning process quick and easy.


The macros library for connections, base plates, and handrails speeds up the detailing process by saving drawing time and effort.

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