About TSteel 3D Steel Detailing Software

TSteel 3D: An affordable way to model steel structures

TechSteel, a steel detailing services company, was founded in 2001 in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. In 2002, while searching for ways to reduce costs, we noticed that steel detailers spent most of their time on primary and elementary actions. The consequence was the underutilization of expensive steel detailing and 3D modeling software licenses. So, we searched for ways to model steel structures at a low cost and didn’t find any that was really affordable.

This gap in the market made us develop a new modeling software, which we named TSteel 3D. Initially, we installed it in 20% of the workstations and used it to model single elements. We also used it to generate preliminary bills of materials. Then we added interoperability that allowed us to import the basic geometry of structures from AutoCAD® and SAP2000® into XSteel® (now Tekla®). This feature immediately increased productivity and generated cost reductions.

The software development and improvement continued, intending to fulfill our senior detailing team’s needs. It became capable of doing much more than simple modeling. Consequently, it reached a point where it was more than a great supporting tool for other steel detailing software; it became a great standalone solution. At this moment, there were three licenses of TSteel 3D for each license of other leading applications. Steel detailing costs continued to decrease while productivity increased.

In 2019 TSteel 3D created a life of its own and became an independent operation from the original detailing services. Today the software is an affordable yet robust steel detailing and 3D modeling alternative for the industry.

Try TSteel 3D today and find out a new and cheaper way to model your future structures.